May went by super quick for me. I graduated from college, moved to Orlando for the summer and started working at universal studios again. I’ve been slacking on my yoga practice lately but beginning yesterday I have decided to jump back into it.




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My first 10k!!

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I had an amazing time running my first 10k this past weekend!! My day began at 5:30a.m. waking up to my blaring alarm clock and rushing to get on the road for an hour and a half drive to Morehead City! I got to the Sports Center at around 7:45. The race was very well managed, I didn’t even have to wait to pick up my number. Before I knew it it was 8:30 and the race was beginning. I started out in the front of the pack (which including both 5k and 10k runners).  I was really nervous that I would have a hard time pacing myself, or that I would finish last so I kicked butt during my first mile. At the one mile mark my runtastic app told me I ran it in 7 minutes and 30 seconds! It became clear to me that if I was going to run 5 more miles I had to slow it down a bit. I met some amazing people along the way. One man was running barefoot and he was excited to see that I was running in my Vibrams. Another race day friend I made, Jen, was a half-marathon runner and mother of two! I ended up doing really well. Finishing 2nd place for my age group!! I cannot even explain how excited and surprised I was when they called my name to come up to claim my medal. I’m definitely looking forward to my next race and recommend the Morehead City Look-Out Rotary Road Race to anyone in the area! It was an easy course and everyone was incredibly friendly.

One of my favorite parts of going to school at ECU is that it’s Pirate Nation!!! Even before I came to college I have always loved Pirates. [It probably has something to do with my mild Johnny Depp obsession]. This past weekend was Piratefest, which is a two day street fair that has pirate reenactments, henna tattoos, kayak rides, live music, funnel cake!!, bmx shows and so many more fun foods, shows and activities.

I had the BEST time and even got into some yoga poses!

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10K in 18 days!

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I just signed up for my first 10k!!

My training plan for the next 2.5 weeks is to continue with month two of insanity, go on 3-4 runs a week, kayak/paddle board at least 3 times a week, do yoga and eat clean everyday!

Happy Racing:)

I went back to the NRC (where I have gone kayaking) but this time I tried paddle boarding!! It was a lot easier and more stable than I expected it to be. I even felt in control, and steady enough to try some yoga poses.

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I had an absolute BLAST at the Carolina Spartan Sprint!!! It was my very first Spartan Race and I am completely hooked. Immediately after crossing the finish line I knew that I wanted more!! I will be going for the Trifecta this year=) to get the trifecta you must complete all three levels of the Spartan Race within one year. I’ll be running the Spartan Super (8+ miles) in NJ this September, and the Spartan Beast (12+ miles) in the Carolinas this coming November!! This Spartan is counting down the days to her next race=D!! AROO

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My life is full of impromptu adventures. I’m a true free spirit in every sense of the phrase. I rarely make plans, I prefer to just wing it. Life is just more fun when you don’t know what to expect, isn’t it?

Last may I decided that going  home for the summer wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to be stuck at home in NJ when most of my friends were either at school in NC or doing internships in other far away  states.  I also didn’t have a job to go back to in NJ so I figured starting fresh was the best thing to do. One day while driving around my college town a brilliant idea popped into my head, what if I moved in with my best friend in Orlando, Fl? Sounded like an awesome idea to me!

Since it was my last summer before graduating college I decided that it HAD to happen. I brought the idea up to my parents. At first they weren’t so thrilled with the idea of funding my summer of fun in one of the top vacation spots in the US. But I didn’t give up, I kept bringing up the idea and explaining how badly I didn’t want to be in my hometown alone for the summer and promised I would find a job to help pay for the summer until finally they agreed.

School ended and instead of driving north on I-95, I went south!

10 hours of lone road tripping with only my pet fish as company I had finally made it to Florida! My best friend, Maeve, and me could hardly contain ourselves! An entire summer living together in the same apartment, we barely knew what to do with ourselves. But first I had to find a job, and find one fast! My parents told me that I only had two weeks to find a job before my Dad was going to fly down from NJ and drive home with me.

I had been searching for jobs for a week or two before I left NC but hadn’t heard any promising news. I applied absolutely everywhere I could. Coffee shops, clothing stores, grocery stores, souvenir shops and had no luck. Then Maeve told me to try applying to the amusement parks! Why hadn’t I thought of this before? Florida has crazy amounts of amusement parks which all must have job openings, right?

I applied and got an email back from Universal Studios(my favorite park!!) telling me that they read through my resume and job application and would like to set up an interview as soon as possible.

A few days later there I was, waiting in a lobby with other potential employees. They had one of the Harry Potter movies playing which got me even more excited and anxious about landing this job. I got called back after what seemed like hours of waiting, went into the first interview then got sent back to the lobby–this is a good thing, I think? About 20 minutes later I got called back into a room with a different person and had a more in-depth interview. Then was told to wait in another hallway with a smaller group of potentials. During the final interview I was offered a job on the spot!! I thought I was going to burst out into happy tears when the lady told me that she would love for me to work for Universal and knew just the place I would fit in, Jurassic Park. After she and I finished talking I waited in another room to set up my orientation days. The group I was with was brought back through the lobby into another room to get pictures taken for our team member ID and then the interview day was complete!

Orientation was two days of information overload, we got to walk around the park and do scavenger hunts which even had us riding rides. I have never had more fun at a job orientation in my life! On the last day of orientation I got to meet my amazing managers and create my work schedule.

Every single day I went into work I felt like the luckiest person in the world, how did I get this job? How awesome is it that I get work for the greatest company? and I couldn’t get over how amazing my fellow team members and managers were! Everything from walking into wardrobe seeing everyone in their costumes back stage. Walking through the park seeing all of the families being so excited and happy that they were at the park. To the looks on the park goers faces when you ask them what their favorite ride is. It’s a truly amazing experience.

When the summer came to an end I couldn’t even stand the thought of leaving! I never once got sick of coming into work or talking to customers! I didn’t want to imagine my last day coming into work, saying good-bye to all of the friends I had made, or talking to the final family of the day that I got to share my park excitement with. I recall wishing, and seriously considering, transferring to a college closer to the park so my time at this incredible job would never end. But in the back of my mind I knew that no matter how badly I wanted to stay, it wasn’t a possibility since I was about to begin my final year at ECU.

Luckily I never had to have that final drive into work or final goodbyes with my friends! After talking to my managers I was able to remain seasonal! Whenever I have the chance to go down to FL I get to work! Just last week I got to work for my spring break!

Another amazing thing happened, I made the decision to go back for another fantastic summer of fun working for Universal!! Working there has opened my eyes to so much, I found a job and a company that I absolutely love. I’m already counting down the days to my first day back to begin another adventurous summer at my favorite place in the world.

Had a blast kayaking today at the North Rec Complex! I saw an advertisment on the bus ride home from class that said the NRC had opened this past weekend. As soon as I got back I found a friend in the building and off we went. The water was a bit chilly but thankfully I didn’t flip! Who says you can’t get in a great workout while enjoying the amazing weather??

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I couldn’t be more excited than I am right now!! I wish the race was today! Is anyone else running the Carolina Spartan Race this weekend??